The questions to ask on your own before selecting your caretaker

How many hrs?

It is necessary most of all to believe thoroughly about your should figure out the variety of hours each week required for your housemaid for the upkeep of your house. The most effective is to rely on the moment you put in to cleanse your residence.

When I go to a supplier organization, do I have the alternative of picking my housekeeper?

The responsibility of good management imposed by the State on recognized companies guarantees the freedom of selection of the individual concerned. So some organizations use the possibility to their consumers to transform from maids phoenix to fulfillment. Others set up a preliminary check out to the specific to correctly identify his requirements in regards to house services and also his assumptions, then recommend appropriate employees. This method stays clear of undesirable shocks.

What can I ask my housekeeper? What is indicated by ” house tasks”?

The tasks of a cleaning lady are differed from cleansing windows or floors to cleansing sanitary ware, home devices or furnishings, storage space. She can also care for washing and ironing.

Do I have to be present in my home? Should I leave my tricks to the maid?

It’s for you to see! Your visibility in the house is not compulsory, and also in case you need to leave, you have to leave a dual of your keys to your house cleaner. Do not forget that working with a housemaid is based on a relationship of count on.

Do I should supply the cleaning products?

For the cleaning lady in Paris or in the various other huge cities, it is typically approximately you to provide the cleaning products. These household items need to adhere to legislation as well as safety requirements. They should be stored in their initial packaging to make sure that the employee can consult the instructions for use and also the cautions. Do not neglect to indicate the area of cleaning products and also devices (vacuum cleaner, broom …). In some (rare) situations, residence help can have its very own tools.

How are rates computed? Exactly how can I make certain top quality service?

We advise you not to bargain the wage of your housekeeper due to the fact that a high salary is the assurance of the top quality of the treatment. On the other hand, it is totally possible for you to negotiate the administration charges, the administrative charges and also the subscription costs.

The structures offering solutions to the person should be approved. There are 2 types of authorization: simple approval and quality authorization, yet there are also quality qualifications like Afnor or Qualicert.

The toll of a maid includes all her income and social fees. The per hour amount of these social costs depends upon a number of requirements such as your geographical area, your age (there are exceptions for those over 60 years of age) …

Just what are the benefits of hiring a housekeeper?

The response is quick: no need to do housework! More time for you and your household. However there are several other benefits. Undoubtedly, housework belongs to personal solutions and also, because of this, creates tax advantages.

– If you are taxable, you take advantage of a tax obligation decrease of 50% of the sums invested in the services to the individual. This tax decrease is valid up to a limitation of EUR 6,000, which enables an real expense of EUR 12,000/ year.

– If you are not taxed, you will get a tax debt of 50% of the amount spent on individual services, provided you are a person or an energetic family.

– In the case of direct work: An exception from social security payments of 15 factors. This equates right into a 50% reduction in the price of company social security payments.

– In case you travel through an approved organization: a VAT price of 5.5%.