While at the CES of vegas Microsoft declares new improvements as the next change for Microsoft windows Phone 7, that will be codenamed Mango . With brand new functions such content and paste, games and applications enhanced in speed and improvements into the search within the market, juicy news arrived off the stage.

Obviously , even as we is able to see in Neowin , a Microsoft staff member involved in the development of Windows mobile 7, could have commented from the future for the cellular operating system. Among the functions that could be establishing is just a type of FaceTime for Windows Phone .

As expected, it appears that this service will be included inside the real time system of Microsoft , supplying the opportunity for this become suitable for a great many other products and systems.

Whenever requested the question of why-not just use Skype, the solution had been that the rival application facetime app for windows will reach beyond exactly what could come with Skype.

The news is not hard to think since the idea is possible, Microsoft continues to improve many of the popular features of Microsoft windows Phone forced. It is not understood if it could arrive for WP7 or WP8 . It had recently been hinted that on the list of demands of WP8 could be to incorporate a forward digital camera.

In addition to the opinion poured by the alleged staff member, you’ve got a screenshot , where you understand Microsoft.Phone.Media.Extended.dll library . There it is clear that research is made to the current presence of an additional chamber.

Just whenever it seems that the video clip boom is booming , Microsoft doesn’t would you like to stay out of the battle, also it must hasten the introduction of this task, but is so it really wants to be overshadowed by other cellular operating systems.

Updates like copy and paste is as we state in Mexico: sell us mirrors. While Android os and Apple current genuine innovations with every improvement, Redmon’s continue to be trying to make Microsoft windows Phone mature, so Ballmer and organization must catch up and bring real updates to a promising operating system and much. Nevertheless the customer will not live on guarantees.