If you have a DSL link, the DSL router must be configured to develop the link. Some DSL companies send out the hardware already preconfigured, so this action could be omitted. Nevertheless you need to understand ways to configure your router, as an example for WLAN arrangement. The problem is that the router properly wired was. Later on you could contact as well as configure using the interface of the router To do this, start the browser ( Net Traveler) as well as link to the router by means of the IP address of the router

The IP address of the router.

Each gadget on the network requires an IP address in order to be offered to others. This also relates to routers. By going into the IP address of the router in the web browser as well as validating it with the ENTER key, you attach to the router and open its user interface. So the question is how the IP address of the router is. It can be taken from the guidebook of the router. They can likewise be discovered swiftly. For this you open using cmd in the search box, the program cmd.exe.

Use the command ipconfig among other info, the IP address of the default gateway is shown. This is the IP address of the router.

Password for the router.

In general, the routers are making use of a safeguarded password to avoid unapproved persons could not make any kind of modifications on it. Either one has the password designated itself or it is freshly unpacked and also in the delivery problem. In this case you have to read in the manual exactly how the password remains in the shipment state. Usually awarded 192.168.l.l in the distribution state or it is a straightforward password such as 0000. If you have even changed and also failed to remember the password, you could thrashing the reset shipment status. In the case, nonetheless, go shed any settings and you have for instance the Web, WLAN etc. freshly set.

Enter access data as well as establish a DSL connection

After you have actually visited to the router, you could establish the DSL access. To do this, you must have the user data gotten from the Net carrier. Where you enter it is different from router to router. On the example below, a Fritz box 7170 is set up. For this you open the area concerning Settings >> Advanced >> Internet >> access. Along with the access information, further setups for DSL access can be specified which have the adhering to significance.


Net accessibility by means of DSL: This setup is one of the most utilized and also is used when the router is linked straight to the DSL connection.

Net accessibility via LAN 1: This setup is made use of when you attach the router to another gadget using which the Web connection is established. If, for instance, the Web accessibility by means of cable, you can connect the router ( using LAN1) to a cord modem and also at the same time utilize the functions of the router (VoIP, firewall program, WLAN). It is also possible to attach to a much more effective DSL modem. The operating setting choices adjustment when you make this setting.